Hours of Operation

Stop by or call our 24/7 Peer Support Warmline @ (877)823-8992!


MONDAY              8AM - 8 PM

TUESDAY             8 AM - 8PM

WEDNESDAY      8 AM - 8 PM

THURSDAY          8 AM - 8 PM

FRIDAY                 8 AM - 8 PM

SATURDAY          8 AM - 8 PM

SUNDAY               10 AM - 8 PM


Movie and game nights are back starting in February 2021

The Connection Project will be hosting a Movie Night on Saturday, February 6th starting at 8:15 PM and Game Night on Saturday, February 20th starting at 8:15 PM!

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

The Connection Project is hosting Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Seminar I training!  This course will be held every Tuesday from 3:00 PM until 4:00   PM.  Contact Tommy at tommy.newcombe@theconnectionprojectinc.org or by phone at (402) 649-8457 with questions about this training.  To learn more about WRAP, click here to go to The Copeland Center's Website

WRAP Facilitator Training

The Connection Project is excited to announce an upcoming WRAP Seminar II Facilitator Training!  This will be held in person at The Connection Project Each Monday in March 2021.  Registration is required for this opportunity and available by clicking here!